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Books that changed our childhood

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The nineties kids of Sri Lanka would have had more than one of the following books on their shelves. These books, however childish they may seem today, stimulated our minds and invoked our imaginations. Our appetite to learn was adequately fed and we were wholly nourished.

Famous Five

George, Dick, Julian, Anne and Timmy made us fall in love with Enid Blyton’s imaginative writing. The Famous Five series always included an exciting adventure and mouth-watering meals. Some of us had the entire series and some of us only few ‘Famous Five’s’, but all of us ensured that we read the entire series.

Secret Seven

If you think Enid Blyton couldn’t get it right with Famous Five, Secret Seven did the trick. A team of seven investigative kids could solve any mystery they came across. They took active interest in potential work, had regular meetings in their secret garden shed and of course saved the day.

Sweet Valley Kids, Middle School, High and University

If there was a franchise that really dictated our lives, it is definitely the Sweet Valley series. Based on the blonde haired twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, these girls set the standards for our teenage lives. From encouraging us to be fashion conscious and more socially savvy, it was our go-to guide for life.

Nancy Drew

Doubtless, the Nancy Drew series was a favourite amongst us all. A teenage girl who is also a murder mystery detective was an inspiration to many girls who avidly read the exciting stories. Although there was never a mystery that she could not solve, we all held our breaths until she and her friends succeeded.

Hardy Boys

The girls had Nancy Drew and what were the poor boys left with? The Hardy Boys of course! Frank and Joe Hardy were brothers and amateur detectives. Solving mysteries was their speciality; however their solving of crimes was a little more action packed. Although it seemed like Hardy Boys were essentially for the teenage boy reader, the girls enjoyed it as much as them.