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Five Children’s Movies

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There aren’t many films in the industry that entertain and educate both children and adults alike. Listed here are films that are timeless because not only do they speak to their target audience but the implied message they deliver still resonates with us. 


Saroja (2000)


Revolving around a beautiful friendship between two little girls, Saroja reminds us that friendship doesn’t recognise race. Complete with many humanitarian elements, the film provides a poetic feel. Directed by Somaratne Dissanayake, Saroja was released when the civil war was at its height. It’s a highly emotional film that is still spoken of today.


Sooriya Arana (2004)


Another Somaratne Dissanayake classic, Sooriya Arana is a film that is based on a friendship of a unique kind. A son of a hunter and a novice monk become bosom pals. They are both from completely contrary walks of life and yet they are bound together. Entwined with Buddhist teachings, Sooriya Arana is one of the highest grossing films of all time.


Hogana Pokuna (2014)


Directed by Indika Pieris, Hogana Pokuna is a highly acclaimed film. A gifted teacher arrives at a remote village and takes it upon herself to educate the pupils of a severely impoverish school.  Inspiring them that every dream is possible, she and her little band of students encourage even us adults that dreams do come true.


Punchi Suranganavi (2002)


Establishing Somaratne Dissanayake as a formidable film director, Punchi Suraganavi plunges deeper in to the follies of man. Revolving around a disturbed boy called Sampath, Punchi Suraganvi highlights the fact that children are often helpless victims and pay for the errors that adults around them have made. Beautifully shot, this movie is set in 1983 a calamitous time for the country.


Siri Raja Siri (2008)


Championing the genre of Children’s film, Somaratne Dissanayake takes up a different cause in the film Siri Raja Siri. Critical of the educational system in the country, Siri Raja Siri is the tale of a child from a rural background who is selected to attend a leading college in town. Showcasing the economic and cultural differences between social classes, the film has a hidden message for adults as well.