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Five Comic Actors of Sri Lanka

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Comedy is not the easiest genre to master for an actor. What you might consider funny may not be funny to another. Therefore to make an audience of hundreds laugh uncontrollably takes pure talent. Listed here below are some of the funniest performers the industry has produced.

Freddie Silva
Reigning over the comedy scene of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Freddie Silva knew how to have audiences in stitches. Some of his popular films include Rajagedara Paraviyo, Tom Pachayaa, and Chin Chin Nona. Having appeared in over 450 films in his lifetime, Freddie Silva is a legendary figure in the local cinema and forever shall be in the hearts of many.

Bandu Samarasinghe
Tracing his career to the Freddie Silva era, Bandu Samarasinghe has become synonymous with local comedy. In the 2000’s his career was firmly cemented with his acts with Tennyson Cooray. Movies such as Chandi Shama, Re Daniel Dawal Migel, and Parliament Jokes showcase his comic talent.

Vijaya Nandasiri
Most of us still associate Vijaya Nandasiriwith the hit comedy Nonawaruni Mahathwaruni, where he played the overly eager neighbour Lovemoon. However Vijaya Nandasiri is a prolific actor who performs on stage and TV. Some of his funniest movies include SuhadaKoka, SikuruHathe, and King Hunther.

Tennyson Cooray
Actor cum director Tennyson Cooray is one of the few performers today who really understand the comic bone. Films that include his entertaining partnership with BanduSamarasinghe have kept audiences in rib tickling amusement for hours. A few favourites of his include Re Daniel DawalMigel, Thank you Berty, and Parliament Jokes.

Don Sirisena
One of the oldest comedy actors, Don Sirisena was famous for during the 70s and 80s.As an actor he had a unique approach to comedy and is thus a strong influence on most comic actors today. He has provided comic relief in many films and later in his career he shared the comedy platform with Freddy Silva. To this date Don Sirisena films such as AraZoysa, Maruwa Samaga Wase, and Sujeewa are humorously reminisced by his Fans.