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Then and Now: Our Favourite Actresses Local

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Someone once said ‘Men age gracefully. Women just age’ and such truths can be detrimental to actresses whose career insists on them maintaining their appearance. However the actresses stated below remind us that age only enriches, like fine wine, these actresses have become more beautiful and relevant as ever.

 Malini Fonseka


The reigning queen of the local screen has proved to us that age is no barrier when it comes to talent. One look at her extensive portfolio and you can tell that she is in demand as she was two decades ago.

Vasanthi Chathurani


Often dubbed as the doll of silver screen, Vasanthi Chathurani has maintained her unassuming beauty since her glory days of Ganga Addarra. Although it has been several years since then, her quiet yet endearing energy has not wavered even today.

Swarna Mallawarachchi


If there was an actress who had the power to convince the audience of any character they portrayed, it is Swarna Mallwarachchi. And although her appearance has changed since her enigmatic performance in Dadayama, the fact she is the most sort out actress has remained unchanged.

Iranganie Serasinghe


Not many actresses can claim elegance as a career trait, Iranganie Serasinghe however has encapsulated the viewer with her sophisticated performances. Graceful and absolutely classy, we look forward to many more of her performances.

Sabeetha Perera


 Since the very beginning of her career, Sabeetha’s nearly flawless appearance has taken our breaths away. Perhaps this is why Jackson Anthony casted her as the famous historical figure Unmada Chithra (who had the charm of driving those who laid their eyes on her wild with madness) in his film Aba.