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What Marvel Character Describes You Best Quiz?

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Marvel fever is in the air. And we thought a quiz including some of your favourite characters would just make your day.

There is war brewing up. Your reaction would be?

a. It’s not my problem.
b. Forced to look in to it because of my wife.
c. Waiting for Nick Fury to give orders.
d. Will attend to matters if I am needed.
e. Let me book the next flight out of here. I create violence than end it.


If you were to pick one Marvel character as your friend, who would you pick?

a. The cab guy
b. The hulk
c. Hawk Eye
d. I don’t want to have friends
e. Iron man


How do you deal with betrayal from a friend?

a. Revenge
b. Prove that the betrayal took place
c. Understand why he did it and then take action
d. Combat till death
e. Lose my temper beyond control


When you’re not helping save the world you will be?

a. Making fun of a mutant
b. Fixing something somewhere
c. Visiting some family of a friend
d. Having a quiet drink at the bar
e. Helping people in need


A Marvel character who you would gladly punch?

a. Any X Man
b. Captain America
c. Any person I consider an enemy
d. Many I can’t help it
e. No one I just want to do my job and leave



Mostly A’s



Congratulations you are our favourite antihero. You do not care one minute about what anyone thinks, you act with your mouth first. Sarcasm and wit is your strength and let’s not forget the awesome ability of healing yourself. 


Mostly B’s

Iron Man


Playboy, billionaire, philanthropist and genius, you have the brains to back the talk. You’re a lot more than the suit and underneath that big talk you have a heart – you care.  You are definitely the most entertaining character in the realm.


Mostly C’s

Black Widow


You can keep a straight face and kick some serious butt at the same time. You have a specific set of skills and you can get yourself out of any situation. Plus you look extremely hot and a certain green fellow thinks the world of you.


Mostly D’s



Hot tempered and defying rules, you do not handle anger well. But underneath all those sharp claws you are sensitive soul and you realise that caring about someone just hurts you more. More importantly you realise that being immortal isn’t as great as it is…


Mostly E’s



You are the definition of split personality. And the two personalities you have are on opposite ends. Putting it mildly anger isn’t your best strength, but you are an introvert. Your safe haven is when you are working alone.