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18 Cooking Tips We Could All Use

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Do you ever feel bogged down in the kitchen because things just don’t go right? Check out these tips which should make cooking a bit easier, and your food much tastier. 

1. Peel a garlic by pressing the flat side of a knife on the outer layer, to break the skin. 

2. Let your meat rest for 5 minutes after cooking it. 

3. When baking, keep eggs and butter out overnight to be able to use the ingredients at room temperature. 

4. Use compound butter for a quick and easy flavour boost for simple dishes. 

5. When chopping garlic for a curry, rub your hands against a stainless silver sink for 30 seconds to remove the flavour. 

6. Read the recipe a couple of times before getting your hands dirty. 

7. When using a chopping board, place a paper towel under the board, leaving some of it sticking out so that you can brush the scraps on to the towel. 

8. Keep in mind that salt is a good conductor of heat. 

9. Clean as you go so that you aren’t left with a big pile of washing to do after. 

10. Instead of using a knife, use a teaspoon to scrape off the skin. 

11. If you are looking to make fluffy mashed potatoes, after boiling, return to the hot pan and cover with the lid to let the potatoes steam for a 5 minutes.

12. Serve your cake at room temperature and don’t pre-slice more than 20 min in advance as it dries out quickly.

13. When frying your short eats, keep a plate of flour next to you, so that if you do get burned, you can put the part of you that got burnt in the flour which provides a relief. 

14. Prepare before you start. Cut and have your spices, vegetables and meat ready. 

15. If you think you have added enough salt, double it. 

16.  When baking brownies, substitute white soda for water with the 1:1 ratio. 

17. When scrambling your eggs, whisk them in a bowl first and don’t add salt until the eggs are almost done. 

18. When making pastry, which requires mixing butter with dry ingredients, freeze the block of butter and then grate it into the dry ingredients.