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Five Sri Lankan Street Foods that we Can’t do Without

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The street food of any country is a good measuring tool to assess the populations’ palate. It is clear from these selected road side goodies, found in Sri Lanka that we endorse the spicy.



A tropical country blessed with all the right fruits, Sri Lanka has no choice but to soak semi-ripe mangoes, olives, guava and of course the quintessential amberalla in vingar, pepper, salt and chilli powder. Teasing your taste buds, it’s tangy, spicy and sweet all at the same time; you can never have enough of it.

Isso Vadai


If Isso Vadai wasn’t the brand ambassador for Sri Lankan Street Food, we aren’t sure what is! An evening filled with a few Isso Vadais can make up for that terrible day you had earlier. These spicy round shaped discs, made out of batter are fried with a minimum of three prawns on top.  The vendors are kind enough to serve these delights with some spicy Onion Sambol – YUM!



For all those in need of a slightly heavy evening snack, Kadala is what you want to indulge in. Hot-hot chickpeas stir fried with chillies, onions, coconut pieces is a favourite among locals, who are known to shove them by the handful in to their eager mouths. Luckily enough vendors selling them by the paper pouch can be found in every nook and corner of the city.

Manioc Chips


The only reason why the rest of the world is addicted to potato chips is that they have not had Manioc Chips. Cassava chips although found in abundance in super markets are at their best flavour made fresh and fast on the street. You have the option of having the circular chips or straw thin like ones, we can’t play favourites both are extremely satisfying.



Best described as a local delicacy, peanuts freshly roasted with its skin are Sri Lankans go-to snack. Street traders specialising in these goodies can often be found near popular bus halts in Colombo and rest assured, everyone who is waiting for a bus are munching on it. However these are best relished when eaten warm.