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Five Types of Cuisine You Should Definitely Try Out

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It is no secret that we love to eat. It is with great pride that most of us declare that we are ‘foodies’. Thus we have created a list of delectable cuisines that we know you will learn to love.


German – Perfect for the Carnivore

If meat is the Achilles heel of your savoury palette, German food is the way to go. It boasts of sausages, pork knuckles swimming in gravy and potatoes, steaks and much more. We recommend Sauerbraten – a sour or pickled roast that includes a variety of meat.

Italian – All day, Everyday

Pasta and Pizza are two very popular dishes in Colombo, but did you know that they are of Italian origin? While most of us can eat any one of them on a daily basis, we feel that you should indulge in other delicious options such as Ravioli, and Ribollita – a stew based on bread, cannellini beans and vegetables.

Japanese – A delicacy of its own

Whenever someone says Japanese Cuisine the first thought is – Sushi. Fresh fish buried in sticky rice wrapped in sea weed and soaked in vinegar complements the taste buds perfectly. But if it isn’t fish that you are looking for consider some crispy batter fried seafood and vegetables also known as Tempura.

Spanish – For the rice fan

Authentic Spanish cuisine has a lot in common with Sri Lankan food. The Spaniards love their fresh sea food and rice like we do, which is why we know that you will relish Paella. It’s a scrumptious rice based dish filled with seafood that is cooked in saffron and a wide range of spices.

Thai – Luxuriously good

Spicy but sweet and yet a little tangy, Thai cuisine is a delight to devour. The fresh fragrance of lemon grass wafting above the food makes us salivate instantly. Our favourites include Tom Yum soup, Thai Red Curry Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai.