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How To Make A Really Good Curry

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Curries can be a bit tricky sometimes, what with trying to find the right taste and getting the perfect level of salt. Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you open the spice jars.

  1. Add coconut milk. They really do change the taste and flavor of your curries. However, make sure that you don’t boil the coconut milk as it will coagulate. 
  2. Use fresh ingredients. They lend a particular flavor to your curries. Fresh ingredients really do change the flavors of the curry, in ways that you would not expect. 
  3. If your recipe calls for you to fry onions at the beginning of the recipe, do so but with a pinch of salt. 
  4. Don’t over cook. Curries can go horribly bad if over cooked. 
  5. Fry your whole spices in oil to release their flavor. This process is called blooming the spices. 
  6. Temper curry leaves and add them at the end of cooking. This serves as a garnish and also improves the flavour of the curry. 
  7. If you wish to make a thicker sauce, add ground rice diluted with milk at the end of cooking. Make sure you stir constantly though, as it can get lumpy. 
  8. The more spices, the better. Curries are meant to be full of flavor and spices, so with South Asian cooking, the more pungent and aromatic the curry, the better it is. 
  9. Using leftover cooked meat for your curries may add a different layer of flavor to your curry so give it a try.

Happy cooking!