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How to Make Your Biscuit Pudding More Interesting

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Biscuit Pudding is a staple dessert in Sri Lanka. The recipe is fairly simple and common amongst many households. However there are many ways of dressing up your pudding or little secrets that make your pudding exceptional. We have asked a few biscuit pudding lovers how they make their favourite dish.

Roasted Cashews – roast some cashews in the oven until it’s crispy and add it to your biscuit pudding. The punch is in the crunch.

Chocolate – melt some cooking chocolate and add it to the cream mixture for a powerhouse chocolate taste.

Hawaiian Cookies – instead of the usual Marie biscuit, use Munchee Hawaiian Cookies instead. The taste is phenomenal!

Coffee cream – add a few tablespoons of thick black coffee in to the chocolate cream. A tiramisu effect, it takes your pudding to another level!

Strawberries – chop some strawberries and scatter it on top of your pudding. Nothing like strawberries and chocolate!