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How To Tone Down The Spice

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Sri Lankan food is quite spicy, but sometimes we run the risk of going overboard when it comes to spice cabinet. There are a number of ways that it can be fixed and one of them is to make more. If you can’t be bothered going through that again here are a few more ideas:

 Add veggies: Shred a carrot or potato into the mix to absorb that extra spice. The sugar in these root vegetables also brings the heat level down a bit.

 Add nuts: Sprinkle some nuts into the mix, to change the texture and flavours of the dish and also lower that spice level.

 Add stock or broth: Another failsafe way is to dilute the mixture with stock, broth of just some water. Instantly lowers the spice level without changing much of the taste.

 Add an acidic element: Acids tone down the heat level, so add chopped pineapples, a squeeze of lemon or tomato juice.

 Add flour: Flour will absorb the heat and will also thicken the sauce a bit, so watch how much you put in.

 Add coconut milk: Adding coconut milk gives it another dimension of flavor but it also absorbs the heat and tones it down.

 Add something sweet: This depend on what you are making, but if the dish can handle it, add a tablespoon of sugar or even honey. If not, just add a squeeze of ketchup.