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Our Favourite Peter Kuruvita Recipes

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Peter Kuruvitha is great. He is a UK born chef of Sri Lankan origin who lived in the island when he was four up to the age 12 before moving to Australia. His first job was working in a french restaurant, and is now one of Sri Lanka’s greatest achievements.

Here are a few of his amazing recipes. Get a taste of what Kuruvitha is all about. 

Chicken Yassa Curry 

Chicken is marinated in pepper, chillis, lime juice and onions overnight and then skewered for a barbecue. He then makes a brilliant dipping sauce. Check out the recipe below. 


Crisp Herring with Hot Sri Lankan Salad

This dish is quintessentially Sri Lankan. Its fish the way we like it, all served on a salad with Sri Lankan spices. The dish is made over a traditional wood fire, of course, with herring just caught from the Sri Lankan sea. 

Italian Almond Vanilla Crescents

Now, we know this is put across as a Christmas recipe but we don’t think that you should wait for an auspicious time to bite into these delicious cookies that are flavoured with tea and then dipped in flavoured sugar. Watch the video below to find out more. 


Barbecued trevally with sambal bajak makassar

Let Kuruvita take you to Indonesia where he slow cooks fish which intermingles with the very interesting flavours in this sambal bajak makassar. Easy and delicious.