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Party Snacks That We Love

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If you have a little get together coming up and you are concerned about the choice of food, well this list will certainly help. We love the spicy and sweetmeats, hence the selection is many. But we since you have to pick a few, we say go for this.

 Devilled Eggs


This is one of those – once you pop you can’t stop kind. Even those who have reservations regarding eggs cannot help but indulge in this savoury delight.

Chinese rolls


Fish, chicken or vege it doesn’t matter; a Chinese roll will never not be served. Dipped in some sauce this little fried food is yummy in the tummy.



These triangular shaped treats are appreciated everywhere. Its spicy filling and crispy ends makes patties highly addictive.



Hot hot Cutlets are always a party hit. The common filling is fish, but even spicy potato or some minced mutton cutlets are also popular party food table members as well.

Milk toffee


If you are having a tea party, milk toffee is a must. Perfect with a cup of plain tea these caramel tasting delights can elevate your party to feel good comfort.

Coconut Rock


A sweet treat based on coconut? This sugary goodness is popular hit with both adults and kids alike. It is however a challenge to stop at one.