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The Perfect Sri Lankan Lunch: Rice & Curry Combinations We Love

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Lunch is a satisfying experience when there is rice and curry. Those of us living in Sri Lanka LOVE our ‘daval bath’ and these combinations in particular can be eaten every day.

Mango, Karawala, Polos


The mango curry needs to be sweet and sour, the polos and the dry fish spicy… YUM!

Pol Sambol and Polos


Forget meats. This is all you need. Just ensure your pol sambol has some maldive fish in it for extra bite.

Cadju Curry and Prawns


Any kind of combination that has prawns in it gets our vote. For a power house lunch ensure that you’re eating this with yellow rice.

Crab Curry, Pol Sambol and Parippu


Pol sambol and parippu is delicious as it is. But with crabs? It is next level divine.

Kiri Kos and Kalupol Pork


Merging fiery with mellow, this combination will have you licking your plate.