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Wait, Is That a Vegetable I Just Ate?

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Five Vegetables That Can Easily Stand In For Meat at Your Next Dinner Party

With more and more people becoming vegetarian or vegan these days, sometimes cooking for a dinner party can pose a lot of issues in terms of what you can serve. You may want to make some fancy meat dish and then realize that your vegetarian guest/s feel a bit left out with their platter of grilled veggies.

Things don’t have to be this way. Here are five vegetables that make a good substitute for meat and can make you look like a very accomplished cook even with your vegetarian friends!


Tofu and TVP

You may not think of tofu as a vegetable, but it is plant-based and made from soybeans. TVP, or texturized vegetable protein, is also made from soy. The meat in any recipe can be replaced with one of these plant-based options.  Tofu makes the perfect swap-out for chicken and TVP can replace any meat including ground beef.



They are healthy and filling and can replace meat in any recipe. Try the different types of mushrooms such as button, straw, dried shiitake all available in most local super markets.



Jackfruit can be used as a stand in for meat in savoury dishes in its early stages. We generally refer to it as polos in Sri Lanka and almost always make it into a curry. However, you can experiment with it further and even use it in barbecue sandwiches, stir-fries, or any dish that uses beef, chicken, or pork.



When anyone goes veg, eggplant is probably one of the first vegetables that come to mind. You can crumb or batter fry strips of eggplant and make a burger out of it.



Cauliflower can be the star at your table even for your non-veg friends. You can make Chinese style dishes using cauliflower instead of chicken. Or you can even pour some cheese sauce over it and pop it into the oven for a lovely side dish.