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What’s Your Favourite Topping for Cream Crackers?

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Snack time is made exciting with some Munchee Super Cream Crackers. It’s a versatile biscuit that can be relished just by its self or with accompaniments.  

These are a few of the popular combinations that we know you will love:

With Cheese


A classic and a universal favourite, crackers and cheese is the perfect snack to satisfy those sudden hunger pangs.


– With Butter and Chilli Paste


We Sri Lankans love everything spicy, including a cream cracker lathered in butter and topped with chilli paste.


– With Jam


The perfect accompaniment to your semi sweet cup of tea, a cracker topped with some strawberry or mango jam is the way to go.


– With Chocolate Spread


Everything is awesome with chocolate, including a cream cracker. This combination is the best chocolate biscuit you will ever have.


– With Butter


Simple, yet delicious butter and crackers is soothing to the taste buds. You can have this anytime; it’s the ultimate savoury option.


– With Avocado and Nai Miris Sauce


Make a paste by merging Avocado and Nai Miris Sauce and apply it on your biscuit. Catering to the Sri Lankan palette, this fiery combination is heavenly.