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Christmas Songs

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Christmas cannot be complete with some heart-warming Christmas music. We are sure you already have your favourites, but have a listen to some of ours. We know you will love them!

Mistletoe and Wine

Capturing the spirit of Christmas in every word, this beautiful song by Sir Cliff Richard has become a clear indicator that Christmas is round the corner.

Seethala Sulanga Hamai

This is a Sri Lankan Christmas track that features a number of artists from various musical genres. We love every bit of it.

All I want for Christmas

It is the ideal combination – a love song sung in a Christmas wish. And of course it’s sung by the legendary Mariah Carey.

Grown Up Christmas List

This is a beautiful track that talks about an adult’s wish for Christmas for all of humanity. Hits you right in the feels!

The Christmas Song by B n S ft Iraj

Featuring many more artists than stated, this catchy tune is a song you have to play at every Christmas party.