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Five Classical Musicians

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Sinhala classical music is a vital part of our culture. Enticing hundreds of fans from all over the country, this list of musicians are the crème de la crème of classical music. Their music will forever be timeless.

Victor Rathnayake


Soothing your ears with all the right notes, Acharya Victor Rathnayake is the first Sri Lankan musician to hold a live one-man concert. Some of his most popular songs include Adara ulpatha wu amma, thani tharu we, and sihin sulang ralle.

M Jayaratne


A versatile voice is T.M Jayaratne’s trademark. His collaborations with Premasiri Kemadasa provided for a number of hits. Sonduru Atheethaya, Anduru Kutiya Thula, and Amma Sandaki are a few of our favourites.

Sunil Edirisinghe


There aren’t many vocalists who can sing to your soul, but Sunil Edirisinghe is one of those exceptional few who can. Renowned for his music that illustrates the subjects of love and social issues, songs such as Hade Kothenaka, Sadakalika Nowu Loke and Soya Pilisaranak will be timeless.

 Nanda Malini


One of the foremost female singers of the country, Nanda Malini sings about the complexities of love. Her innate ability to mesmerize the audience is another reason for her large fan base. Her Denodahak Nuwan Athare, Ahasa Se Oba Ananthai, Mandanawa Karanawa are a treat for the ears.

 W.D Amaradeva


Adding a new chapter to the classical music of Sri Lanka, Pandith Amaradeva is probably the most celebrated musician in Sri Lanka. The simplicity of his lyrics does not eradicate the powerful message of his songs.  Timeless classics such as Sanda Tharu Nihandai, Sanda Horen, Tharu Arundathi will forever be etched in our hearts.