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Five Famous Love Songs from Local Cinema

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If the local film industry is good at one particular genre, it is definitely romance. Composers to singers really know how to sing sweetly in your ears and make you fall in love with their music. Here are our top five picks. Enjoy!

Meedumen Wesi

Taken from the movie Hiri Poda Wessa, Meedumen Wesi is sung by Bathiya & Santhush featuring Nirosha Virajini. Its melodious pop tune has made this song to be one of the most popular love songs amongst the youth today.

Unamadu Wu Premadare

Have you ever been madly in love with someone? If you have this song will definitely touch your heart. Featuring the powerful vocals of Kamal Addararachchi and Damayanthi Jayasooriya, Unmada Wu Premadare is taken from taken from Saptha Kanya – a film about love beyond reason.

Sonduru Lowata Mal Wehela

This song may be a little old but it has certainly not been forgotten. Sung by the legendary H R Jothipala & Sujatha Attanayake, Sonduru Lowata Mal Wehela was featured in the film Apeksha. The song describes the beauty of being in love.

Seetha Arane

The deep and honest love two people feel for each other stands the test of time. Sung by Milton Malawarachchi, Seetha Arane describes the sincerity of the statement. Aradhana the film that featured this song is about two people finding themselves back in love again.

Suwanda Danee

Another wonderful song from the film Saptha Kanya, Suwanda Danee is sung by Rookantha Gunatilleke. Its nostalgic lyrics and serene tune has made it a timeless classic.