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Five Female Vocalists We Love

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Our music industry boasts of multi-talented artistes. This list in particular highlights female singers who have made us fall in love with music over and over again.


The only female artist in the country who has signed with international recording labels such as Sony and Universal. Can we crown her as the queen of Sri Lankan hip hop? We certainly can. All hail Queen Ashanthi.


Umaria Sinhawansa and her sister Umara have been in the music scene for the longest time. Umaria’s powerful and unique vocal has helped her make an important mark in the local music scene. In addition, her chic sense of style has turned her into a fashion icon.

Nanda Malini

A veteran in music, Nanda Malini is a household name in Sri Lanka. Her illustrious career boasts of eleven Sarasaviya Awards and eight Presidential Awards for Best Singer. Nanda Malini has the magical ability of serenading her listeners with striking lyrics as well as beautiful melodies.

Nirosha Viranjani

Considered to be a very versatile vocalist in the industry, Nirosha Viranjani’s vocals have been leant to many genres including pop and classical. She is one of the most popular musicians in the country right now and her massive fan base includes both young and old.

Malani Bulathsinhala

Sinhala classical music was uplifted thanks to Malini Bulathsinhala’s contribution. Her demise in 2001 was a great loss to the industry. However the music Malani Bulathsinhala made remains timeless and is still enjoyed by many in the country and abroad.