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Five Songs On Your Paduru Party List!

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Paduru parties are a cultural phenomenon in Sri Lanka. There is nothing like us sarong cladded Lankans crooning with or without tune some iconic songs. The playlist below are some of the popular tunes we know you love singing!


Definitely not the hip hop version which all of us like to shake a leg too, this version is the original one that we all like to exercise our vocals for.


Malata Bambaraku Se

This Clarence Wijewardana classic is firmly embedded in the paduru party scene. It’s a feel good song that elevates your spirit and is usually sung in the middle of the party.


Hanthanata Payana Sanda

Nostalgic and defines everything what a paduru party is about, this tear jerking  Amarasiri Pieris number speaks of how people change and love lost.


Durakathanayakin Mama Oba Amathami

The legendary Jothipala has a number of iconic hits, this one in particular is paduru party certified. Emotional and real, no paduru party would be complete without Durakathanayakin Mama Oba Amathami.


Mee Wadayaki Jeewithe

Mee Wadayaki Jeewithe is a social event staple. It’s played at weddings, dinner parties, on the bus when you go tripping and everywhere else. So of course we had to include this cheerful number in to this list.