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Five Rock and Heavy Metal Bands in Sri Lanka

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Rock and heavy metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we know. Despite this, the groups listed below are some of the most talented musicians in Sri Lanka. Their passion and pure love for their work make them heroes to those of us who love this genre.



Currently the most popular heavy metal band in Sri Lanka, Stigmata has been making music since 1999. Since inception they have had many chart toppers including “Fear”, “Voices” and more. The oldest rock band around, Stigmata has had many successful studio releases, their most recent release being The Ascetic Paradox.



Contributing to the rise of rock metal in the country, Tantrum can trace its roots to the early 2000’s. Maintaining over thousands of fans, they have had much commercial success. Taking heavy metal in Sri Lanka to new heights, their album Rebellion displays quality music production.



Refusing to let their music be categorised in to a particular genre, Nemesis credits their growing popularity to their distinct work. Not making language a barrier, this relentless group creates music in both English and Sinhala.



Combining alternative music with rock, Salvage provides for a diverse option in the genre. Formed in 2007, they have garnered a number of fans including many anti-rock music lovers with their unique style and approach to music. Doubtlessly they are one of the strongest emerging rock bands in the country.



Constituting the crème de la crème of the local metal scene, Nev’im includes the well-known Dhas brothers. Although the line-up of the band has changed many times since their inception in 2010, they do make some fantastic music. Their debut single ‘Walk On’ was nominated for Best Rock Song at the VIMA Music Awards 2013.