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Five Sri Lankan Music Composers: A Tribute!

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Most of us who enjoy a good tune end up crediting the singers for a song well done. Not many of us really credit the composer of the song for its beauty. Listed here are some of the greatest Sri Lankan music composers who have given us such beautiful tunes to listen to.


Premasiri Kemadasa


A household name in the local music industry, Deshamanya Kala Keerthi Dr.Premasiri Khemadasa is thr pioneer of Sri Lankan opera music. He has composed iconic music for films such as Nidaanaya, Hansa Villa and Bambaru Weva and popular Teledramas such Dandubasnamanaya and Ella langa Walawwa. Although it’s been eight years since his demise his contribution to music remains unparalleled.


Nimal Mendis


If there was a composer who can make you fall in love with music its Nimal Mendis. He has created several timeless melodies for some fantastic films such as Master Sir (Kalu Diya Dahara), Ganga Addarra & Ran Tikiri Sina (Ganga Addara), Nim Him Sewwa (Seetha Devi) and many more.  A generous personality, Nimal Mendis was one of the few local composers whose music was sung in both English and Sinhala.


Rohana Weerasinghe


Illustrating love in all its magical nuances, Rohana Weerasinghe is the ideal romantic music composer of this day. He is perhaps one of the most respected veterans of the field and for good reason too. Having won numerous accolades at the Sarasiviya Awards for films such as Aradana, Saptha Kanya and Anjalika Rohana Weeraisnghe has composed music for over 4000 songs.


Clarence Wijewardena


Revolutionizing the local music industry, Clarence Wijewardena is the Father of Sri Lankan pop music. Having introduced the electric guitar to the Sri Lankan music scene, he greatly influenced many of his peers. He has composed music for a number of films, the most famous being Sikuru Liya and Apeksha. His songs are probably some of the most performed in the live concert scene.


Nadeeka Guruge


Currently one of the most influential contemporary composers here in Sri Lanka, Nadeeka Guruge first emerged in to the scene with a concert called Sanyugma in 1999. Since then he has been a formidable figure in the local music industry composing music for epic films such as Aba, Maharaja Gemunu and Karma.