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Iconic Sri Lankan Songs of Yesteryear

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There are certain songs in Sri Lanka that will remain timeless. Featured here are wonderful compositions produced locally that transports its listener to a different time. Taking you down memory lane, this list of songs is just what you need to help you deal with a hectic Monday.

Ganga Addara – sung by Vijaya Kumaratunge for the movie Ganga Addara, this song has remained a favourite, with many remakes introducing the song to a new generation of music lovers.

Nim Him Sewwa – originally composed and written in English by Nimal Mendis for his beloved wife, the Sinhala version with words by Augustus Vinagaratnam was popularized by Maestro Pandit Amaradeva.

Ma Bala Kale – a beautiful melody reminiscing about childhood not only takes us back in musical time but also takes us back to the days when we were rocked to sleep in our mothers’ arms.

Master Sir – a true classic of Sinhala music, Master Sir has been performed by many artists over the years. This is the version sung by Neville Fernando from the film Kalu Diya Dahara.

Ran Tikiri Sina – another track from the film Ganga Addara, this was sung by Victor Silva and Nirasha Perera.

Olu Pipila – a beautiful song depicting village life, composed by Sunil Shantha. It has the power to take us back to a simpler time and look back at the past with nostalgia.

Salalihini Kowul – sung by C. T. Fernando and Latha Walpola this song too has stood the test of time and continues to live on today.