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Keeping it in the Family – Two Generations of Musicians

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Featured here are some of the best musicians in the country. Does talent run in the family? The following list will confirm that it does!

Sunil and Gayan Perera


Here in Sri Lanka, Sunil from the Gypsies is a household name. Taking on the reigns of music, his son Gayan Perera is slowly making his own mark via his group Daddy.


Malani Bulathsinhala and Kasun Kalhara


Until her untimely death Malani Bulathsinhala was one of the finest female vocalists in the country. Equally talented, her son Kasun Kalhara is a key figure in redefining local music.


P.L.A Sompala/Chitra Somapala and Chitral Somapala


Chitral or ‘Chity’ Somapala is the son of legendary music director P.L.A Sompala and singer Chitra Somapala. Inheriting his parent’s gift, Chitral is an internationally famous musician.


Lionel and Sahan Ranwala


As a musician, Lionel Ranwala’s main ambition was to popularize Sinhala folk music of Sri Lanka. After his death, Sahan Ranwala took initiative to preserve and make people aware of Sinhala Folk Music, in the same way his father did.


Mervin Perera and Amal Perera


Seducing your ears with the perfect words, Mervin Perera’s songs have never lost its popularity. Cementing his legacy, his talented son Amal Perera continues singing his father’s hits.