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Music that has become Sri Lankan Party Favourites

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It is December and that means lots of weddings and parties. Nothing says lets have fun than a playlist full of music that makes us “jump kelle jump! – move kelle move!” from dusk to dawn. Here are a few songs that you have become party favourites in Sri Lanka!


‘Rapata dapada rapata dapada’… this catchy tune from Lahiru Fernando has all our limbs swinging from left to right. A wedding cannot be complete without this song.


Someone somewhere long ago brought fish for Surangani, Dinesh Kanagaratnam added a few crazy beats and changed the party scene in Sri Lanka forever. The beat is too catchy to sit in your seat!

Baila Gamuda Remix Karala

Bathiya and Santhush have several toe tapping tunes under their belt, but we have to tell them this is our favourite by far. Baila gamuda remix karala? Yes please!

Piti Kotapan Nonē

This song is a little old we admit, but it is timeless. Play this at any party ten years from now and you will have the entire floor twisting their hips in unison. Thank you Gypsies!

Kandy Lamissi

You are my one and only one, you are my ever loving one, I am your one and only Kandy lamissi! Putting Kandy on the party map, we are forever indebted to Madame Mariazelle Goonetilleke for this fun tune that can always put a smile on your face!