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Our Very Own Hip Hop Music Artists

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For those who don’t know, we like to inform you that Hip hop music exists in the Sri Lankan music industry! And who doesn’t love some good hip hop? These guys on the list definitely do. Meet our awesome five!



The local hip hop scene would be completely starved for women, if it wasn’t for this fantastic lady’s catchy tunes. A peer for everyone in the industry, Ashanthi de Alwis is one of the few artists here in Sri Lanka to have an international cross over album.

Fill T


Most hip hop fans are of the opinion that Fill T is the best rapper in town. Like most rap artists from the USA, Fill T does not hesitate to use his music to express views in brutal honesty. His style and his ‘keep it real attitude’ is what makes him unique.

Drill Team


Constituting of a group of rappers, Drill Team is a favourite amongst local hip hop fans. Their effortless looking ensemble performance can be witnessed in their music video The Cyper 13 that has gotten over 200,000 views.



Pioneering the tamil rap front, Krishan Mahenson is a force to be reckoned with. To refresh your memory, his vocals have been utilised in popular songs as Ninda Noyana Handewa and Ashanthi’s Papare. Internationally popular, he is thus far the most successful Tamil rap artist in the country.



Cooler than ice, Smokani has been around for over a decade. Staying true to the origins of the genre, Smokani is not only a hip hop artist, but also a very talented song writer. He is living proof that underground rap exists in Sri Lanka.