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Sinhala songs converted from Hindi

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For the past half century the local performing arts industry has been influenced by Bollywood. Having converted many Hindi songs in to Sinhala, music especially is guilty of this factor.

Listed here are some of those popular tunes that you might be familiar with….

Mage Dasin – Teri Meri

Perhaps the most popular musical conversion to date, Mage Desin is a remake of Teri Meri taken from the movie Bodyguard (featuring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor). The scintillating nuances of the Sinhala version can be credited to the powerful vocals of Viraj and Dilrukshi Perera.


Oba Maa – Tum Hi Ho

Part of the Aashiqui 2 soundtrack, Tum Hi Ho considered to be one of the best things about the movie was a mega hit. Oba Maa sung by Sampath which is its Sinhala version maintains the same core of the original and has therefore become a favourite amongst the populace.


Oya Dethol Agin – Saree Ke Fall Sa

The film R… Rajkumar has many fantastic elements about it besides its iconic director Prabhu Deva. One being the song Saree Ke Fall Sa, a fun Bollywood number that is played at almost every wedding and party. Preserving its toe tapping melody, Oya Dethol Agin is belted out by the talented Mahesh Shanaka.


 Susudu Rella – Gunguna Rahe Hain Bhanware

Celebrated even today, Susudu Rella traces its roots from the Hindi song Gunguna Rahe Hain Bhanware from the movie Aaradhana (featuring the legendary couple Sharmila Tagore and Rajesh Khanna). This tingly localised tune is sung by the famous H.R Jothipala and Anjalin Gunathilaka.


 Penena Nisa – Pehla Nasha

Those of us who can remember the nineties cannot forget Aamir Khan boyishly jumping and running across fields singing Pehla Nasha. Despite the linguistic difference, this catchy song was sung by nearly everyone back then. – Kithsiri Jayasekara wishes for us to forget this lovely melody and has therefore given us the Sri Lankan version Penena Nisa.