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Five Characters of Sri Lankan Myth

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There are a few legendary characters that will always be timeless. Each of them have a certain distinction that makes them memorable. Listed here are individuals who we will always fondly reminisce about.


The Sri Lankan version of Robin Hood, Saradiel inspires the well-intended rebel in all of us. He stole from the rich, namely the ruling colonists and their native supporters, and gave to the poor. He was finally captured, and by a grammatical error put to death.  


If there was a court jester that set the standard for wit, it is definitely Andare. Our childhood was filled with Andare stories. He once told his wife that the queen was deaf and to speak to her (and vice versa). Imagine the commotion when the two ladies met? Andare is a legend!

Mahadana Muththa

Mahadana Muththa was a circular shaped older man who travelled with his own “crew” or his five apprentices. His ensemble complete with a white cloth, black coat and comb in his hair provided for a very professorial look. Quite contrary to his actions of course.


Whenever you do something stupid it was always assumed that it was something that Udurawana would do. As a result there is a series of jokes after Udurawana. Once he was ironing and the phone rang, he answered the iron and burnt his face. Clearly smartness isn’t his strength.


Unlike the previous characters, Mohini takes a more sinister role. Myth has it that Mohini is an evil female spirit that carries her child around with her. It says that she approaches men and inhabited cemeteries. Although her existence is credited to be a fable, Mohini has supposedly been cited by many men in the country.