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Everything You Need To Know About Bathrooms Around The World

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When you’re getting ready for an international adventure — be it backpacking through Southeast Asia or pub-hopping in the U.K. — how do you prepare yourself?

Brush up on the country’s language? Check. Write down a bucket list of foods to try? Check. Research bathroom etiquette? Probably not.

But no matter where your travels take you, one thing is for certain: You’re going to have to use the bathroom eventually. And you’ll quickly learn that all of the world’s public toilets — and the etiquette that comes with them — are not created equal.

While some countries offer luxuriously high-tech lavatories, other places simply offer a porcelain hole in the ground. Sometimes, you’ll even have to pay to pee (or, you know, go number two).

Before you jet off to a far away land, learn the loos of the world with Sloan’s handy dandy International Guide to Bathrooms below.

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