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Father’s Day Gifts

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When it comes to gift giving, Fathers in Sri Lanka are a little more difficult to please than our Ammis. These are a few gift ideas that your father might appreciate.

Salon Voucher


Dad needs a haircut doesn’t he? And maybe just for once he could go for a full salon treatment and not to the barber near your house. He deserves a full pampering session.

Coffee/Tea Evening


We can’t think of a dad who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of tea. Let’s take it a step further and make a little tea party just for him. Don’t forget to serve some Munchee biscuits as well.



If your dad is an avid reader, there is no better gift than to give him a book. Preferably a book he has wanted to read for a while.



Engrave a pair of cufflinks with the word ‘dad’ or ‘thaththi’ and present it to him. Nothing like a reminder of the value of the role he plays in your life, worn on his wrists.

Dinner for two


Treat dad to his favourite food while updating him about your life.  Sometimes there is nothing better than spending some good quality time with your father on Father’s Day.