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How to keep the spark in your marriage, after kids

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Having children and making a family is great. But we are pretty sure that every now and then parents feel the need to just have a day or two for themselves. There are times that you would miss the days where it was just the two of you. A strong bond between the mom and dad is important to lead a healthy family life; therefore it is important you two spend some quality time together.

Here are a few tips on how to make it happen.

  • Weekend getaway

Speak to your family and ask them to watch the kids for a day or two and take a weekend off. Plan a weekend at your favourite hotel and spend some quality time together.

  • Movie Night

Make a movie night at least once a month, get a family member or hire a baby sitter that you can safely keep your kids with and plan a movie night once a month. Pick a movie that you both would enjoy. This would bring back wonderful memories.

  • Surprise each other

Make it a point to surprise your partner every now and then, appreciate each other. It’s important to know that the things you bring to the table are being appreciated. The surprise can be a small gift, a lovely meal, a beautifully written card etc.

  • A girls night out , A boys night out

It’s important to spend time with each other but it is also important to spend some time with your buddies. Spending time with your buddies and letting a little steam out is a good way to relieve stress. It is a great way to keep your spirits high and it makes you feel that as a couple you give each other that freedom and space.

  • Mark the special days

When two people have been together for a long time, it is only natural to forget birthdays, anniversaries etc. You will remember your little ones birthday but might forget your partner’s birthday. Try and make it a point to remember these days and make them count. Cook his/her favourite meal, or take him/her out to his/her favourite restaurant for a romantic dinner etc. These little things go a long way.