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How to Plan a Party

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The months of June, July and August are event season. Mainly weddings which means there is usually a few pre event parties that take place. Here are a few essential tips that you need to remember if you have to plan a paarrtyyyyy.



You simply cannot plan a party without money. Ensure that a fund has been allocated for the event and then start your planning.



Pin down a theme, and décor options become much easier. If you are lost for a good theme do some research online – Pinterest is a good place to get some ideas. However if your budget is tight décor is the first to be cut remember.



The next most important note on your list after the budget is of course the venue. This is where all the magic needs to be brought together. It could be a hotel, house or garden it doesn’t matter. Choose a venue that meets your requirements and is within your budget.



A party isn’t a party without food. Food is vital. Pick a menu within the limits of your budget. Of course if it’s a house party and you have invited your friends’ potluck is the way to go we believe. But do keep in mind to have a couple of vegetarian options for those few strict non meat eaters.



Be it a dj or a band – music is a must. A party isn’t complete without dancing and for dancing you need music. Even if it isn’t leg shaking tunes, music helps to create a festive atmosphere. Word of caution regarding the DJ you pick – ensure he or she is pleasing enough to play the crowds’ requests.

Guest Lists


When party planning remember that you absolutely can’t invite everyone you know. If it isn’t your budget it would be the venue that will provide you with limitations. When you’re making your list just ensure you need food for x amount of guests because hungry guests are party poopers.