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Why Dads are #SimplySuper?

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Dads in Sri Lanka are a unique set of people. They are a calibre of their own and underneath their strict composure, it’s all love. Happy Father’s Day to all the Thaththis – you simply are the best!

But for now let’s enjoy some of the typical things Thaththis say and do….

“Do you think I am plucking money from trees?”

Ask dad money for that new dress you saw at the shop and you know what the answer is. But with a little whining, you know dad can be convinced that it is something you desperately need!

Offers at the supermarket

Don’t all Thaththis love offers? Certainly a double of everything will fit in well in the pantry. Just keep an eye out for Ammi who will definitely have a space issue.

“Where is it men? It’s not there. You have lost it! ”

Sri Lankan dads have this inherent habit of looking for things that are RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. And then when they can’t find it we poor kids have obviously lost it. (IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT DAD!)

That morning and evening cup of tea

No one relishes a cup of tea like our fathers. Despite the crazy heat waves we have to sometimes endure you can always see the patriarch of the house with a steaming cup of tea. Come rain or shine, the tea must be there!


The invention of the mobile phone has definitely brought out a trait in all our Thaththis – their robust volume.  When they are on the phone they can drown any other kind of sound or as ammi perfectly puts it across “Like a loudspeaker!”