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Five Significant Plays in Sri Lanka

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The local theatre is largely ignored part of the arts in Sri Lanka. It is an unfair predicament because the wealth of talent it has produced is beyond impressive. Listed here below are plays that have been performed for decades and/or have a certified fandom.

Kelani Palama


If there was a play that really invoked thought from its viewers, it’s Kelani Palama. Discussing themes such as poverty, politics, and social difficulties, Kelani Palama is written by renowned playwright R. R. Samarakoon. This ground breaking play has been running for over thirty years.

Hunuwataye Kathawa


Translated from the original play The Caucasian Chalk Circle authored by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht, Hunuwataye Kathawa is another long running play. Its popularity is due to many of its significant themes the drama possesses, the most important one being what is a mother’s love?



Complete with mythical elements such as a dragon and a knight, Makaraksha bears a moral undertone that is relevant even today. More importantly, the play presents to the audience the concept of choice and when in a difficult situation should the greater good defeat any kind of wrong?



A local classic, Maname is written by the renowned dramatist Ediriweera Sarachchandra. Based on Jataka Story about a prince called Maname who leaves his kingdom with his wife and the challenges he encounters afterwards. A tale woven around love and honour, Maname is considered a masterpiece.

Balloth Ekka Baa


Considered to be one of the most enigmatic comedies of contemporary times, Balloth Ekka Baa is a treat for theatre lovers. Complete with witty repartee and slapstick elements, Balloth Ekka Baa keeps the audience in stitches from start to finish.